Happy children in a multi ethnic elementary classroom

Our Children…

My message today is a simple one: Don’t give up on our children. Don’t ever allow what you see in the media and what you hear at the grocery store and the barber shop to make you consider giving up on our children. Despite what the statistics stay, despite the great challenges that we face with ensuring that all of our children have access to a world-class educational experience, despite the crime and violence that grip so many of our communities, I have never been more sure than I am today that our children can and will not only succeed, but lead.

How can I be so sure of this, you ask? Because daily I look into their eyes; and through our children’s eyes I see their ambition, I see their determination, I see their God-given gifts and talents, I see their strength, and I see their courage. And I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that nothing, and I mean nothing, can stop them doing what they set their hearts and minds to doing. Our children can and will beat the odds. Our children can and will be the leaders to take America to heights never before seen or imagined.

So don’t you let anyone fool you into believing things about our children that are not so. Please don’t give up on our children. They haven’t given up; they’re just getting started.

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